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Miami Docks



This painting was published in Art Reveal Literary Magazine.

Along side is the South Point Lighthouse that was also published in the two page spread.

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This colorful and brilliantly colored painting features the Miami Skyline in the background and the reflection of them in the waterway is mesmerizing. There are little huts and shacks below the monorail. With little boats coming and going on the river with reflections as well. The bait shops on the left and right provide a place to purchase bait and rent equipment for the day out on the water. This is truly an original work of art that the creator has perfected the craft of doing detailed work that shows their ambitions and determination to present a beautiful painting for all to enjoy.

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Art Reveal Publication

This painting was published by: Art Reveal Magazine in a two page spread along with South Point Lighthouse. Along with a personal Questions And Answers Interiew in print along side the artwork.

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