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My Santa Fe Dream Home



16 x 20 to ship

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This painting has a very special place in my heart of memories, from traveling to Santa Fe New Mexico throughout the year in different seasons and fall is my favorite one to ponder on.  There is a certain feeling in the air, and you feel comfortable in the space you are in. This artwork features earth tone shades of brown tan and burnt umber. Most of the trees are already bare except for the pine trees that stood tall towering toward the heavens. The Santa Fe abode has large windows on both sides of the home with the blue door welcoming you in.  The dwellers are having a sale of many items in the front yard featuring an old wagon wheel leaning against the house, the famous red peppers hanging on the walls, and a beautiful floor lamp with a snake wrapped around the pole also there are two iron dream catchers with their flutes in hand, There is a double triangle iron sculpture holding a walking stick with a bird atop it, the two custom made barrels set it off perfectly.  The broken branch fence in the foreground was hand-made by the elders years ago.  This is truly a beautiful work of Santa Fe style art, created by the artist who has perfected the craft of creating a one-of-a-kind piece of work.

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in

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