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From: The Ephimiliar Journal
To: Timothy Phillips
Subject: RE: [The Ephimiliar Journal] Natures Eye Candy Bountiful Colors
Dear Timothy Phillips

Congratulations! This message confirms the acceptance of your submission to The Ephimiliar Journal.

We will be publishing South Point Lighthouse in our next issue of our Journal.

Thanks again.
Patrick Wang
The Ephimiliar Journal

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This artwork is a beautiful example of a tropical themed painting. It features a golden yellow lighthouse with orange stripes. There are palm trees left and right towering towards the sky the blue ocean rest in the background. There is a small red cottage just off the beach for the lighthouse caretaker to rest his weary bones. There are two Fields separated by a white picket fence one field has blooming white flowers filling it while the other has gorgeous yellow plants glowing in the sun. The main house that sits next to the tall lighthouse tower is a golden orange. There is a nautical window in the peak of the house to look out of. It has potted plants to the left and right of the door there is a newspaper on the front porch waiting to be read there are two blue sitting chairs in the front yard to relax and take in The view the pathway leading to the porch steps is lined with white blooming flowers on each side. this is truly an original work of art created by an artist that has perfected their craft.

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Dimensions 22 × 28 in
Publication Co. Tint Literary Journal

From: Tint Journal
To: Timothy Phillips
Dear Timothy,
We at Tint loved your pieces, titled "South Point Lighthouse" and "Friends For Ever" We believe that they will perfectly in our next issue, Tint Fall’21, on
We will do our best to promote your work through our website, newsletters, and social media.
Kind regards,
Lisa Schantl
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Tint Journal

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