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This is a finely detailed painting of a farm in the everglades of Florida, It is truly an original work of art with bold and brilliant colors,  The green home on the left, has a set of black rot iron sitting chairs to relax after a long day, the green-stoned pathway leading up to the porch has blooming black eyes sue-sies lining each side, with a cat on the front porch to welcome home the owner from a day out.  On the right is a red smaller home with one rot iron chair on it and a cat resting peacefully, There is a yellow wagon in the center of the yard,  is there to fill with flowers from the garden to bring into the home in a vase with water. This is truly an original work of art created by an artist that has perfected the craft of making an original painting for all to enjoy.

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Dimensions 24 × 18 in

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